Day 92 – Antwerp to Brugge

Another short ride today of about 100km. The pigeons had gone to town on my tent in the night, by morning it was absolutely plastered in pigeon sh*t! I got as much of as I could before packing up to go. The weather was grey so I put my waterproof shorts on just in case.

img_1226The route I took to Brugge went from Antwerp to Gent. Gent is easily as beautiful as Antwerp. I got a little lost in the centre but was soon out on the country roads to Brugge. The sun was out at this point which really lifted my spirits, especially knowing that when I get to Brugge I’ll have another rest day to do my last clothes wash before home.

I think of all these cool things to put in my blog on my bike and forget them by the time I come to write it, so that’s it really. I’m in Brugge and I’ll be here until Sunday, when I ride to Calais and hopefully jump on a ferry to the last country on my trip, England.