Day 94 – Folkestone to Brighton

I got up at 6am as I’d gained an hour. So this was in fact a lie in for me. I had a sausage roll and Cornish pasty from the post office as I hadn’t had chance to buy any supplies the night before.

The morning rush hour traffic was in full swing when I hit Folkestone. I then passed the entrance to the channel tunnel and made my way onto the quitter roads. At a set of traffic lights I bumped into David who I had met in France the day before. We chatted for a bit before I continued.

I hit a diversion on one of the roads which must have added another five or ten miles onto the journey.

Just before Brighton I joined the A27; a hideous road for cyclists and a completely useless attempt at cycle lanes. I was now in with the traffic going past me at 70+ miles an hour, it was pleasant but it only last ten miles before I got to Brighton.