Day 1 – Cornish Hills

We were pre-warned by multiple people that the Cornish Hills are some of the toughest. Perhaps its a good idea we get these out the way first.

The warnings we received were quite accurate. From the offset of our 80 mile slog we hit hills. Big ones, small ones, rolling ones, long ones, steep ones….you get the jist.

To combat this onslaught, a variety of tactics were used. Due to a lack of sunday bus services dave sneaked a tow rope onto the back of ants bike, this worked until the next hill when ant turned round thinking he’d got a flat. Thus instead a variety of jelly babies billtong bananas nuts chocolate and strategically placed vaseline wa the only answer. Oh plus rather a lot of sweat (making our faces white with salt!), and gritted teeth.

Getting past Truro by 12.30 a little ahead of schedule we stopped for some lunch. As its Sunday we had the obligatory sunday roast. Bad move. As pleasant as it was, it sat in our stomachs and refused to budge. This uncomfortable feeling meant afternoon progress was slow. A stint on the A39 didn’t lift our spirits!

We finally arrived at our campsite in Tintagel not before a killer 20% climb.

Weather today has been anything but british (this year at least)… we even had to apply suncream. In fact the sun is still shining down on two very tired brummies… Rain headed our way no doubt!