Day 10 – Loch Less Monster

Leaving the picturesque village of Glencoe we re-joined the A82 next to a near perfect reflection of the surrounding mountains in the loch.

We stopped briefly at Fort William for some supplies (including some strangely nice cold chicken/ turkey burgers) before taking a slight detour into the mountain B roads to give us a break from the traffic.

It had rained slightly and the clouds clung to Ben Nevis with mystical enchantment but today we had better luck with the weather. We re-joined the A82 heading towards Inverness in perfect biking weather. Cycling along the banks of Loch lochy and Loch Ness provided us with a near flat ride we got up to an average 18 miles an hour including hills… we must be starting to get fit!

We did have one glitch today where Dave’s rear spoke randomly snapped (yet still not a single flat tyre)! The wheels now as crooked as a dog’s hind leg but its still revolving (just)… giving Dave all the excuse he needs to ignore it and carry on.

Tonight we are back in the tent (pint was in hand at 3.09pm though!) and the weather tomorrow looks good. Is it too early to presume we can now pack away the waterproofs for good?