Day 11 – To Brora and beyond

The day started with a camping bikers breakfast, porridge with honey, nuts and raisins, a cup of tea… and three hard boiled eggs each.

The eggs were still being digested when we hit our first hill… what a little beauty she was… ten minutes in and still climbing with no end in sight beyond the next bend and the last egg trying to escape back out the way it went in… the downhill was almost worth it though, happy days.

We made rapid progress thereafter hitting the 50 mile mark until the previous days familiar ‘ping’ sounded again… another spoke down on Dave’s bike. Ant (aka Mr Perfectionist) looking highly perturbed and Dave (aka Mr Let fate play its course) pointed out there were still plenty of remaining spokes left.

Rapid progress continued, even with one less spoke and having had time to enjoy a nice cold roadside hagis pie (neeps and tatties all included in the pie!)… by 2.51pm we were at our originally planned destination… and yet strangely Dave was hungry for more (to Ants bemusement). The overlord google was consulted and another campsite was located a mere 26 miles away… little did we know then two beast almighty hills that awaited us at 90+ miles in… Ant not best impressed shall we say!

Alas though dear readers your heroes of the hour are now writing this in the comfortable surrounding of a restaurant overlooking the bay, a full 26 miles down the road (98 miles done in total)… our third nice ale on order, possibly the best sticky toffee pudding ever consumed and a dizzying array of single malt night caps… plus best of all though John O’Groats a mere 38 miles away… surely the remaining spokes will last out?!