Day 2 – RIP Dave’s old friend

Today the rain returned. We were right to think the good weather wouldnt last. “give it five more minutes” just meant we left in heavier rain.

The day started bad when a seagull escaped with one of our boiled eggs. It did not get better from here on in.

Firstly the rain. It was relentless and did not let up even after it had given us a thorough soaking.

Secondly was the hills. Not gonna bang on about them but yesterday was a whole lot easier.

Thirdly dave hit a pothole. It bent both his front and rear rims and split his frame. This was bad news. Fortunately he limped on being the trooper he is.

We found a cycle shop in Tiverton where we payed our last respects to the dawes. Its still in the shop now, but due to our tight schedule, Dave left with an old rayleigh for over the odds. But if it gets us all the way it will be worth its weight in gold.

Let’s hope our fortunes fare better tomorrow!