Day 3 – Aches and pains

The weather today was good. The terrain and the wind on the whole were in our favour. So Dave’s gripes today are aches and pains (all mid-thirties gents like a grumble 😉 ).

Achey knees upon waking up were soon overtaken by achey thighs and calves, but gradually during the day, achey tendons won the award for biggest gripe followed closely by achey backside (goes without saying buy equally it goes numb after a while anyway).

Anyway, gripes aside, a good day was had… 90 miles done.

Tonight Dave made an excellent tea of rice and macaroni risotto with tomato curried eastern european tinned sardines. Plus grated cheese sprinkles…bon appetite!

We’re staying in a magnificent 400 year old Norman castle. Our dorm is called The Hanging room!

A quarter of the way through and going strong. Tomorrow, after our english breakfast we head to Shrewsbury, albeit possibly in yet more rain!

2012-07-17 20.15.55