Day 4 – Don’t burn the toast

Dave started the day by almost causing an evacuation of the entire castle at 7.30am. Luckily he managed to fling the smoking toast out the window first before the ceiling smoke alarms started, just as panicing staff rushed in.

The days riding started wet and it steadily got worse, an ensuing deluge was epitomised as a lorry driving the other way left ant gargling road water… great entertainment for Dave. The weather eventually cleared though and 88 miles got completed all in all today… Plus a free nights camping has been thrown in due to the owners being charitable/ feeling sorry for us!

Just for the record/ for those of interest we have to eat 5000 calories a day… today’s food for dave was muesli, yogurt, english breakfast, toast, apples juice and coffee, banana, chocolate bar, pain au chocolate, rollo cookies, steak pie and chips (bizarrely the pie topping had a naan bread consistency?!), ice cream, bombay mix, crisps, 2 beers, burger, jacket potato and salad (just for a healthy touch)… P.s yesterday we had a cornish pasty for breakfast too… Happy days but may need to go on a diet when we get back.