Day 8 – A30 + M5 + M6

Our muscle aches tell the story, we have now completed there entirety of the A30, M5 and M6 combined… quite a feat now we think about it. We’re sat in an old country house converted into a YHA alongside Loch Lomond, drinking some rum we’ve sneaked into the place (it’s like a monastery in here!)

We have good reason to celebrate, today was actually our longest day, 92 miles in all and it has to be said despite the wind, nearly 20 miles continuous rolling hills and the disappearance of our fine weather the miles were kicked out with almost military rigor… now we’re two thirds done and getting stronger by the day it seems as though only a bike problem or raging diarrhea can stop us now (if fate is to play a devilish hand let it be the bike problem ;-).

Roll on John O’Groats we sense you in our sights…